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Starting a new business there are so many things to think about.

You need to have meetings with the bank, investors, potential collaborators, etc., but what if you don’t have a logo let alone branding or a visual identity system. NOT TO WORRY!


Did you know that to create a strategic presentation deck, you don’t need a logo or branding!
REALLY??   Really.


I’ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs in the earliest phases of business to create pitch decks for presentations that have secured funding, established teams and set up channels of distribution. There is so much to think about, so let’s make it clear and simple.


idea to presentation to design
I think this will work…

You have an idea for a business. You run it by friends, family, your cousin the business guru. You google everything possible about starting this business.

The BIG idea

You’ve solidified your idea and start mapping out a business plan. You decide on a name (whew!) and things start getting real.

Schedule meetings

You needed to meet with people about funding, collaboration, mentorship, etc., and all of a sudden, it starts happening.


It’s time to create a presentation, but you realize, I don’t have a logo! NOT TO WORRY. At this phase, you don’t need to invest in branding! You only need two things:

  1. An infographic-rich strategically designed pitch deck. Why? These are proven to:
    • Hold viewers’ attention
    • Simplify complex concepts
    • Increase viewers’ memory retention                                                  
  2. Temporary business cards
Pitch + Present

You go into your meetings pitching with a presentation that packs a punch. You engage your audience and keep them captivated with strategic flow and infographics that purposefully and succinctly deliver your key points all the while maintaining a level of interest not achievable with a standard run of the mill file.

Keep their interest peaked with a follow up 1-sheet styled with your most punchy infographic complete with a call to action.

NOW it’s time to brand

You’ve arrived! You’ve attained feedback and support and can now fly with your big idea full speed ahead. Be sure to work with a branding and visual identity specialist (graphic design infused with strategy). More than simply making something that looks good, your business will be backed by visual and verbal communication tools targeting your success.

Book a Strategic Branding and Identity Package to set your business apart on all possible levels.

Working with Jaime early on proved to be a valuable investment. She was able to synthesize the business concepts we were proposing in a very visually flattering and easy to read manner. It was money well spent as we raised our first investment fund and generated interest with both investors and founders alike. It’s her ability to combine a business narrative with visual cues that is a rarity among designers.

Douglas Raggio
Gastronome Ventures

Hello! I’m Jaime.

Brand strategist . Graphic designer . Creative figure-outer

I help natural, healthy, and feel-good businesses create branding that strategically positions them on a path to success.

As a branding specialist and seasoned graphic designer with over a decade of experience, I’ve worked with both large corporations and keen solopreneurs.

I capture your business mission and translate it into strategic visual & verbal solutions making you irresistible in the eyes of your dream customers. Strategic branding doesn’t just heighten the aesthetic of your business, it adds value.

Eating cleanly, living simply and healthily, and taking a natural approach to wellness are fundamentals in my personal life that drive my passion and awareness in design.

When I’m not working, I’m enjoying the outdoors, traveling and studying cultures & languages.

Jaime is a gifted artist and designer! I am a verbal person so I wasn’t sure at all that I would be able to communicate my story and ideas with words and they could be turned into images for a logo and brand package.

Jaime’s process and her talent combined made this all work out even better than I hoped. She is organized and she has a system that works. We started with an in-depth questionnaire and we talked on the phone to nail down the most important concepts. She also kept the project on track meeting her milestones and sending follow-up messages when I was late with MY responses.

She was SO good at listening to my feedback and tweaking her artistic renderings without ever taking things personally. She was professional and responsive and really listened.

Throughout the process she worked her magic! She was able to take my ramblings and turn them into a stunning logo package that captured the essence of my story and is clearly the work of a gifted artist and attentive designer.

Thank you Jaime!!!

Jennifer Hacker
Transitions Coacing & Consulting

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As a brand specialist for the wellness & socially conscious space, I am here to guide you on a path that is both energetically sustainable & self-aligned. Branding is incorrectly believed to be solely about aesthetic while in fact it is a comprehensive language that informs visual, verbal & experience-based communication. I leverage all 3 modalities in a multi-dimensional approach that manifests through brand consulting, strategy & design.

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