If you’re the owner of a well-living or heart-centered brand, this 100% impacts the future of your business.

Instagram has acknowledged its negative impacts on mental health.

Why is this the most important news in the wellness industry this year? Because we are in the business of helping people live healthier happier lives, and we use social in our personal & business lives every single day.

How we are connecting with our audiences is contributing to their dis-ease. Social media negatively impacts our brains, and the studies just keep surfacing.

Knowing is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to be a front-runner in the space of being well–an open door to fully promote wellness and happiness in your approach to business.

I’m not saying stop using social media. I’m urging you to be mindful about the bigger picture—to be a front-runner in the future of being well.

In wellness vs western medicine, we look at situations comprehensively. WE NEED THE SAME IN OUR BUSINESSES. Gut health, self-care, AND a healthy relationship with social media need to happen together.

I am on a mission to lead well-living branding into a new era. If you would like to explore being visible while being mindful about use of social media and exploring other highly effective touches, I would love to hear from you.