exclusively for wellness & socially conscious businesses


Your branding absolutely should be working to positively impact your bottom line. A defining factor of wellness & socially conscious businesses is to approach issues comprehensively. Branding is no different.

Market research, a strategy for building brand awareness, a full identity suite including logo marks, aesthetic, collateral, a strategy to leverage your launch and month to month brand building guidance explicitly for wellness, socially conscious & heart-centered businesses work to target specific business goals while implementing ahead-of-trend aesthetic.


Our ongoing partnership with Jaime Di Dio Aoyama of Studio Aiuto has powerfully launched our brand, elevated the experiential aspect of our marketing materials, massively increased our visibility and directly impacted our sales and growth. Jaime is cerebral, artistic, detail-oriented and her design work is always on point, current, and relevant to our market. She consistently delivers on schedule a marketable strategy and a beautiful design that resonates with our community and customers. The success we have experienced is a direct result of our partnership with Studio Aiuto. Beyond this, Jaime is lovely. She has so much passion and integrity, and works harmoniously with us, meeting us where we are with each project with kindness, patience and curiosity. It is an absolute joy to know her.

— Stacy Shuman, Well Scent


The wellness & socially conscious sector is growing exponentially. With your website being your widest-reaching piece of marketing collateral, not leveraging this asset to its fullest potential is money left on the table 24/7.

A strategically crafted online experience serving as your most comprehensive communication tool in your suite of marketing collateral. Custom design & build. E-commerce & member site options also available.


Jaime helped build our corporate identity based on our vision and the information she collected during the process. I was impressed that she was organized and asked exactly the right questions to tease out what we wanted. I’ve worked with 20 graphic designers for various projects and Jaime is one of the best.

–Dale Bertrand, Chimera Labs


Exclusively for wellness & socially conscious businesses

How do you leverage your brand to create a buzz around your business? How do you use these pieces to gain traction, get remembered and target growth? How can you continuously understand what will speak to your ideal audience at different times of the year, month, week and day?

Receive guidance through strategy sessions and gain continuous access to feedback and insight on pieces and content you create.
It’s an accessible solution to adding a brand strategist to your team. 



 By staying engaged, asking questions, and giving suggestions, our vision became her vision.

–Nikki Kaeswith, VP Marketing, Pickering Insurance


In this one-on-one review, we take a pin-pointed plunge into your brand, digging into what makes your target audience tick, exposing the message you’re really sending them, capturing how your website can function to support tangible business goals, and uncovering how to leverage everything your competition isn’t doing.


Working with Jaime early on proved to be a valuable investment. She was able to synthesize the business concepts we were proposing in a very visually flattering and easy to read manner. It was money well spent as we raised our first investment fund and generated interest with both investors and founders alike. It’s her ability to combine a business narrative with visual cues that is a rarity among designers.

–Douglas Raggio, Gastronome Ventures


Whether you’re pitching to investors or making a sales presentation, strategically designed decks are the key to capturing viewers’ attention, simplifying complex concepts, and significantly expanding memory retention, aligning the cards for your success.


As an expert brand strategist for the well-living & heart-centered industries, I connect the dots between your business’s mission and your ideal customer’s desires. Through market research, strategy, aesthetic exploration, ideation and design solutions, I guide you on a path toward a series of experiential brand touch points, targeted web presence and strategy that align with your business goals and position you as an authority in your niche.

• Visual Identity
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Coaching
• Brand Auditing
• Logo Design
• Presentation & Pitch Deck Design
• Business Card Design
• Package & Label Design
• Booklet & Brochure Design
• Website Design & Development
• Website Auditing
• Promotional Campaigns
• Email Marketing