newsletter is a dirty wordIn business, one of the most commonly fundamental rules is to understand our customers and to serve them in the best way we possibly can.

We put so much into understanding their pain points, difficulties, problems, ailments, etc.

We position the tone of voice of our brand copy (text) to talk about their needs rather than our offerings. We put solving their problems and satisfying their wants at the very core of our sales processes and branded experiences.

And yet, we ask people to give up their email addresses, so they can have their already junk-overloaded inboxes filled with OUR news.

Off a bit? Yeah.

I think it just came about that the thing we send out to people via email weekly or monthly or whatever it is was simply named “newsletter” just like email was named “email,” but we should really be thinking more.

Email newsletters that are named something other than news****er that is on brand and aligned with customer experience are proven to convert at a far higher rate than something named with the default.

There. I said it. Calling this thing by its default name that is egocentric in meaning is what you’re giving your dearest followers in exchange for their time and space in their already out of control inboxes.

Everything that you put out into the world is an opportunity for people to fall in love with your brand. One of my favorite copywriters Melanie J. Sparks creates on-brand copy for her proposals. Smart? Yes. Putting her customers at the center of the game? Absolutely.

So, tiny actionable item you can put into play right now: Think of what you can call your newsletter to create a better experience for your customers and clients, and start using it!

We wouldn’t be in business without them. Let’s give them the best of the best everywhere we can.