social media like bubble graffiti with woman holding phone under it

Whether it’s due to well-being, concerns about privacy policies, or just a general dislike of social, I’ve been asked about this topic 5 days in a row.

Do you need to be active on social media to have a successful business?

Let’s look back to the core of what social media is–a networking tool.

I’ll just go right ahead and put my age out there. I’m days away from turning 40. I’ve been in the online business space for 13 years. I built my first website in 2002.

I’m a full-on online biz grandmother.

I used to go to all kinds of in-person networking events–at restaurants, at banks, at hotels–the full gamut, “Hi my name is JAIME” sticker & a stack of business cards on repeat, but what has stayed with me, is the experience of doing business pre-social media.

So if you’re not on social media, how can you be visible to your audience? And more importantly, how can you get clients & customers?

It’s easy to jump at print options, and while print definitely has its place, I’ve created a list of 8 things you can do to reach your audience & move them along in their prospect journey (aka branded touches) that is 100% void of printed pieces.

1. Get in front of other warm audiences (be a guest on podcasts, be on other people’s lives, write a feature blog post, etc.)
2. Direct your ideal clients & customers to your email list
3. Leverage video & a blog on your website
4. Drive traffic to your website with SEO
5. Participate in events
6. Reconnect with your own network
7. Stay in touch via text or messaging apps
8. Join a virtual coworking or networking space

You can & absolutely should run a business your way. No social, no problem.

We can build a fully branded marketing plan that is completely VOID of you needing to be present on social media. Is this just what you’ve been looking to hear? Send me a message & let’s chat.