for all the right reasons

Hello! I’m Jaime Di Dio.

brand strategist, creative director & consultant

I partner with wellness & socially conscious businesses to create multidimensional branding that capitalizes upon the very core of human communication through brand strategy & execution.

As a branding strategist, seasoned graphic designer and former university instructor with over a decade of experience in the wellness industry, I provide big agency calibre solutions with the customization & targeting exclusive to one on one consulting.

The market is beyond saturated with mid-level brand coaches & strategic designers. As a senior brand strategy consultant, I partner with you to dissect, reverse engineer & implement an approach to branding that is business-goal-facing while also doing the non-negotiable: presenting high-level aesthetic, voice & experience.

Eating cleanly, living simply and keeping my finger on the pulse of the state of global wellness are fundamentals in my personal life that drive my passion and awareness in branding.

When I’m not working, I’m adventuring with my family, traveling and studying cultures & languages.


1 part visual, 1 part verbal, 1 part experiential. 100% strategy-backed

Why not just graphic design

Way back when I started in this business, I was a design order-taker: logos, pamphlets, whatever my clients requested–you name it, I designed it.

The thing is, after working with me (or other designers for that matter), the results were the same: My clients were no closer to their business goals than when we’d started.  

The more I asked clients about WHY they wanted to redesign their logo/ website/ other, the more I realized that they genuinely did NOT realize what they were requesting was not the way to achieve their goals. 

I changed everything.

I began functioning as a consultant to guide business owners in building a brand that would speak directly to their business goals while establishing a base upon which to create the highest-level aesthetic, tone & experience–a multidimensional strategic brand. 

Jaime’s skills are exceptional. Her extensive knowledge in brand coaching combined with her remarkable design skills are all I needed to bring my business to life.

–Nardine Abraham, Living Wall Structures & Nardine Design Studio

Measure twice, build once: a strategy & business-first approach to branding

because your brand looking good is already non-negotiable


What is Aiuto?

The wellness & socially conscious industries focus on helping people to live better. As a brand strategy specialist, I am your partner in communicating how you can help your dream customers. Aiuto (ah-ee-U-toh // help in Italian) is at the core of what both you and I strive to be.


As a brand specialist for the wellness & socially conscious space, I am here to guide you on a path that is both energetically sustainable & self-aligned. Branding is incorrectly believed to be solely about aesthetic while in fact it is a comprehensive language that informs visual, verbal & experience-based communication. I leverage all 3 modalities in a multi-dimensional approach that manifests through brand consulting, strategy & design.

• Brand Consulting
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Auditing
• Brand Execution, Facilitation, Creative Direction & Design
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