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One of the greatest misunderstandings is that branding is all about design (aka the visuals): colors, fonts, logo, social media templates, website, etc. You may even have some of these on your list of to-do’s right now.

Yes, design is important, but here’s the rub: as humans, we don’t communicate solely through visuals—we express our ideas leveraging infinite combinations of our multiple senses.

Branding is multidimensional communication; it causes your audience to form an opinion about you & your business—ultimately if they do/ don’t want to work with you.  
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Years in Business

Our ongoing partnership with Jaime Di Dio of Studio Aiuto has powerfully launched our brand, elevated the experiential aspect of our marketing materials, massively increased our visibility and directly impacted our sales and growth. Jaime is cerebral, artistic, detail-oriented and her design work is
always on point, current, and relevant to our market. She consistently delivers on schedule a marketable strategy and a beautiful design that resonates with our community and customers. The success we have experienced is a direct result of our partnership with Studio Aiuto. Beyond this, Jaime is lovely. She has so much passion and integrity, and works harmoniously with us, meeting us where we are with each project with kindness, patience and curiosity. It is an absolute joy to know her.

— Stacy Shuman, Well Scent



As a brand specialist for the wellness & socially conscious space, I am here to guide you on a path that is both energetically sustainable & self-aligned. Branding is incorrectly believed to be solely about aesthetic while in fact it is a comprehensive language that informs visual, verbal & experience-based communication. I leverage all 3 modalities in a multi-dimensional approach that manifests through brand consulting, strategy & design.

• Brand Consulting
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Auditing
• Brand Execution, Facilitation, Creative Direction & Design
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